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An outstanding look, a revolutionary technical product, a unique material, an innovative brand? Here you can find scrupulously selected brands and products.



Are you tempted by a shower in the middle of pine trees and the sounds of nature?
This rain panel harmoniously mixes sounds, lights and fragrances. This technical choreography excites the senses inspired by climatic phenomena. Cool mist, rainbows, and warm summer rain overwhelm you.

fixMi by MAT INTER

FixMI enables you to install bathroom and kitchen accessories without drilling or gluing. The decoration is fitted at the same time as the tiles. Shelves, shower shelves, towel racks, soap dishes, tooth mugs and other decorative items can be placed where you like.

Haptic by RITMONIO

A swivelling, adjustable wall-mounted shower head in stainless steel with an optional cover ring in coloured concrete – to make it entirely personalised.

Design lab Haptic RITMONIO

A range of coloured concrete accessories to decorate taps and showers, including mixer taps and shower heads.

Inciso de GESSI

A collection of taps – mixer taps, shower heads and accessories in brass – both aesthetic and sober, designed by David Rockwell.

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