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An interior cocoon, a cosy bathroom, a creative kitchen: floor and wall coverings transform a home.

Interior floor and wall coverings have become more technical, reflect nature and are truly a part of the decoration and transform the atmosphere of the home. We have a wide selection of tiles, stones, parquet and soft floors for both individuals and professionals.


carrelage grand format revêtements intérieurs

Large format

Bigger and bigger, more and more beautiful, more innovative, tiles are now in extra-large sizes. Gigacer, precursor of the 120cm x 120cm format, offers a collection of porcelain stonework that gives your surfaces a contemporary and minimalist appearance. The tiles are square or rectangular with multiple refined finishes: concrete or natural stone effects, smooth structures and non-slip strips, and so on.

mosaïque revêtements intérieurs Marmorini


With black and white patterns, plain chrome-plated, coloured linear strips or pop features, this Italian material par excellence since antiquity has made a comeback. A decorative art that consists in assembling fragments of stone in molten glass, in enamel or in ceramic to create patterns, mosaics are suitable for bathrooms and wellness areas, as well as for the curves inside your home. From Antoni Gaudi to Elisabeth Garouste, passing through Niki de Saint Phalle, mosaics have never ceased to inspire artists, whether in the centre of monumental architectural projects or in more intimate decoration.

Porcelain stoneware

A mixture of clay and silica, this ceramic tile that is now very fashionable was used for a long time as technical material. Slate, wood or waxed concrete, porcelain stonework imitates natural materials to perfection. Resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean, thanks to its minimal joints, porcelain stonework lends itself to fantastic technical innovations. Bios offers a line of antibacterial tiles by Casalgrande Padana (prize-winner of the AIT Innovation Award). A range of tiles in full-body porcelain stoneware entirely vitrified, the particularity of which is to eliminate 99.9 % of the 4 main bacterial strains present on the surface of the tiles. Anti-bacterial tiles have turned out to be an ideal solution for places where a high level of cleanliness and hygiene is needed: kindergartens, nurseries, schools, swimming pools, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Grès Émaillé revêtements intérieurs Marmorini

Enamelled stonework

Not to be confused with porcelain stonework, this easy to maintain floor tile is covered with a glazing, a layer of shiny, even varnished enamel. Although it is appreciated for its decorative effect, it is nevertheless very fragile because of its upper layer that is not very resistant to impact. It is better for wall use than for floor use. It is available in various styles and in all sizes – from 20 x 20 to 60 x 60 – it can adapt to all indoor rooms.

Terracotta & terracotta tiles

Octagonal or square, terracotta tiles are timeless and typical coverings. Soft and natural, terracotta tiles give warmth and an incomparable atmosphere. Sand, red, pink or brown, they are in several sizes and with various finishes, smooth or patinated. Terracotta tiles are used both inside and outside. They go well with traditional bathrooms. Terracotta tiles are totally natural.

carreau de ciment revêtement intérieur Marmorini

Cement tiles

Invented around 1850, cement tiles revolutionised interior design at that time. No baking is needed: the tiles harden by chemical reaction. Nowadays, cement tiles are extremely trendy, whether vintage and ancient or modern. Very colourful and patterned, they can be used as backsplashes in kitchens or on bathroom floors. They are still a handmade craft and have several advantages: they are robust, long-lasting and have a practically endless choice of patterns and colours.

faïence cuisine salle de bain Marmorini


Very ornamental, faïence has made a great come-back among Italian and, more especially, Spanish craftsmen. This type of tile made from clay, sand and clay limestone rock is very fragile. It is, therefore, more suitable for walls than for floors and is an excellent material for kitchens and bathrooms. This type of wall tile has a wide range of colours, can be easily pierced and is little affected by damp thanks to its layer of enamel.

Zellige céramique Marmorini


Of Moroccan origin, zellige decorates Middle Eastern tables and facades. With its many colours, this hand-made natural ceramic has many irregularities in tone and surface: this contributes to its charm that is so well appreciated. Zellige is very rich in structure and in colours. In kitchens and bathrooms, the room is made unique and luminous. We have a wide range of zellige and our favourite is turquoise. This colour provides a change of scenery, total escapism!


Natural stone

As historical manufacturers of « granito », stone is an integral part of our world and our know-how. Marble, slate, granite, stonework, schist, quartzite and basalt, available in packs or made to measure, they enable us to meet the most varied and precise requirements for walls and floors, as well as for decoration. Our stones come from various regions and countries such as Burgundy or Dordogne stone, chosen for their aesthetic appearance, their properties, their uses and their good value for money.


Close to the heart of Maison Marmorini, “granito” was made in the past by Ida and Natale when our company was set up. “Granito”, at one time no longer fashionable, is more and more present in deco shops, especially with more pop colours. There are still “granito” factories, even if many ceramic factories imitate this material by mixing coloured cement and marble.

Marble & travertine

As there is a contemporary trend for more sober marble with more refined finishes, we have chosen a selection of this noble quarry stone, completely opposed to that of the past. Marble is making its great come-back in very elegant veined white like Calacatta, Statuario (Carrare marble) and Thassos (sugar marble) or in beige tones such as Créma marfil. And to be really modern we have chosen it in black or in pink.

Often confused with marble, travertine, a sedimentary limestone rock, is different. Very appreciated in showers and kitchens, it has great resistance and is also anti-slip. The available colours and finishes allow it to suit many different styles.

limstone revêtements intérieurs Marmorini


Elles ont pour nom Caliza ou Zarci espagnols, Moka crème, ou Limra… ces pierres tendres de la famille des Limestones sont aujourd’hui très recherchées pour leur qualité plastique au point d’en devenir la pierre cardinale de la création contemporaine. En effet, ces dernières années, les architectes, en quête de matières intemporelles et de matériaux nobles, se sont épris de ces pierres sédimentaires qui se forment par accumulation au fond des lacs et des mers. Cette pierre d’une grande tendresse développe une gamme de tons très nuancés et naturels – beiges, gris – en parfaite harmonie avec les grandes lignes du design actuel.


With names such as the Spanish Caliza and Zarci, Moka crème and Limra, etc., these soft limestones are sought after for their plastic quality to the point of becoming the cardinal stone of contemporary design. Indeed, in the last few years, architects looking for long-lasting, noble materials have fallen for these sedimentary stones that are formed by accumulating in the depths of lakes and seas. This very tender stone has a range of nuanced, natural tones of beige and grey, in perfect harmony with contemporary design.


A long-lasting material, slate has of course an important place in current trends. It has become indispensable in the creation of very designer atmospheres as well as for the renovation of rustic houses. This is legitimate because slate is part of our heritage as witnessed by its widespread use in our region, on the steps of the Lascaris palace in the old town of Nice and on the roofs of the chalets in the hinterland. Wishing to renew the use of this historical material, in contemporary architecture, we have selected for you a range from various countries where it is produced: Brazil, Indonesia, China and, naturally, from nearby Italy where the quarries in Genoa are a reference.

pierre de synthèse revêtement intérieur marmorini

Synthetic stones

Sylestone and Stone Italia, synthetic stones, are composed of natural stone and resin. This hybrid material has the advantage of offering a surprising choice of colours and material effects: red, violet, spangled, etc. The resistance of synthetic stones is almost superior to that of granite. They resist acids but their main enemy is heat. Careful with your pans that have come off the hot plates! These stones share this inconvenience with laminates that, by contrast, have no aesthetic value.


Parquet revêtement sol la maison marmorini

Nowadays, the new colours and finishes have allowed this traditional material to be extremely fashionable and trendy. Clipped or glued, in wide or narrow boards, parquet is now easy to install. Modern or traditional solid parquet to be laid in patterns – lamella, herringbone, dice or parallel, etc.; engineered parquet to be glued or floated, for easy maintenance and a warm, authentic interior; or laminated parquet, easy to install, to clean and in a multitude of styles and finishes – the possibilities are endless. Resistant to wear and tear and to scratching, it is the ideal compromise for optimal value for money.


Sol souple pvc marmorini

For the first time, soft floors combine design, durability, easy maintenance and sustainable development. Different to linoleum, PVC floors are soft floors that are sold in rolls, tiles or strips. Adhesive or clip-on, they imitate stone and wood perfectly, are easy to clean, to lay, resistant, insulating and comfortable, as well as compatible with floor heating. Screened vinyl is inspired by screened floors. Water and UV-resistant, it is suitable for all types of use. Thanks to their colours and finishes, these floors are nowadays very fashionable and trendy.

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