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In a region that can boast 300 days of sunshine a year, the outdoor area is a living space in itself.

And it has to be as attractive as the interior. Facades, terraces, paths, courtyards, swimming pool areas, swimming pools, outdoor stairs and summer kitchens all need to be enhanced.


façade revetement extérieur marmorini

Facades have to be aesthetic, but the cladding also needs to have technical properties: thermal insulation, sound insulation and protection against moisture and UV.  Apartments will choose in particular a ventilated system for the facades to guarantee optimal interior comfort.

Tinted or natural, coated with plaster, with stone or wooden cladding, with concrete, porcelain stonework or terracotta bricks, facades have different styles, from rustic to contemporary, from modern to avant-garde.

Surprise everyone both inside and outside: the facade sets the tone.


cuisine exterieure marmorini

What can be more pleasant than enjoying a summer lunch made in the garden or a refreshing shower taken outside? If the summer kitchen has to perform the same functions as the inside one, it nevertheless has to meet more requirements especially in terms of weather resistance.  A more robust material should be chosen such as reconstituted stone that is both aesthetic and long-lasting. A marble worktop would be useful for pizza lovers. The summer kitchen is indeed a pure pleasure for both gourmets and epicureans.

Outdoor showers have the same constraints: living outside is far from easy and the garden shower should be designed to withstand time and the weather.


revetement terrasse marmorini
Terrasse jardin Marmorini

Minimalist design, pure materials and large format pavers: beauty is associated with sustainable materials and organic blends in with technology to meet new outdoor needs. We offer a wide range of natural and research-based tiles, particularly adapted to climate variations – frost, extreme heat, humidity, – maintenance constraints, wear and tear and individual desire.

Full body porcelain stoneware with wood effects, slate or stone that harmonise with the environment, natural stone including marble, granite and slate, which meet the requirements for outdoor use: materials that design gardens and terraces. Most of these tiles are for both indoors and outdoors so that you can easily create a living space between your home and your terrace.

For your paths and gardens, we offer non-slip, weather-resistant materials that do not change colour over time. With the growing attraction for natural products, Italian manufacturers have launched a new generation of terracotta, made at very high temperatures, frost-resistant and not requiring heavy treatment.

Pebbles, stepping stones, pavers, paving slabs, ceramic tiles, natural stone, specific wood species like teak: there are almost endless options to imagine a unique exterior.


piscine étancheité revêtement marmorini

From the traditional Hollywood blue screen to natural organic pools, tiled pools, overflowing or not, remain the place where perfection exists: a place to live and dream in.

The choice of material is a crucial step when building your pool. Its waterproofness will depend on this choice, but also the colour of the basin and the water in which you want to swim. The blue coating of the 1970s that gave the water an artificial colour, has stepped back in favour of more nuanced shades. If you are dreaming of green water, choose grey mosaic. If you prefer turquoise water, opt for light colours.

Historically reserved for wet rooms, mosaic has reinvented itself with a new generation of unalterable, resistant ranges that make your pool a genuine, limited edition, work of art. Black and white mosaic with geometric patterns is in vogue. Kitsch and glamour trends have brought back very flowery patterns and friezes on a black background. We have therefore selected manufacturers who are renowned for their creativity and reliability, from the exceptional collection by Sicis to the more classical lines by Bisazza, a partner with whom we work on institutional projects.

The full body porcelain stoneware ranges also work wonders on the floor of the pool, for more affordable value for money and collections that are no less aesthetic. This option will allow you all your follies, including having your deck area enter your pool.

All the finishes, edges and borders, etc., that coordinate your basin with its interior and with your environment are available from us. Finally, the pool deck will finish the basin whether in wood or stone.

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