Logo La Maisone Marmorini

Values & DNA

FAMILY. The family comes first. Both customers and collaborators, whether by blood or by heart, are members of Maison Marmorini. The family is part of us. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, proximity, exchange and trust resonate in our daily actions: we are a warm, human brand.

INNOVATIVE. We have in the past proved our determination to go further, to go beyond our achievements, to progress, to improve. We constantly work to offer a new vision of the market, a new approach to building works and the home, as well as new products that are always innovative. We are going to continue in this direction, the trademark of Maison Marmorini.

EXPERT. NWe do what we love and above all we do what we know how to do. Our mission is to advise and accompany. We select the brands with which we work, we master the techniques, the products, the trends and we benefit from a network of professionals who are experts too.

DEMANDING. We are demanding with ourselves and with our partners. Our teams are trained to accurately respond to each request. Attention to detail, follow-up and after-sales service are what characterise us.

PREMIUM. Quality is one of our first criteria. We offer high-end products – and high-end does not necessarily mean exorbitant – suitable for the most demanding customers. We are particularly fond of designer-type products in which a love of decoration and design can be felt.

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